Fish considered part of the Jack family of species are always welcome to the fly fisherman and conventional light tackle angler alike. The most common is the Jack Crevalle of which there are two types off Loreto. Jack Crevalle can get well over 30 pounds, an A-list flyrod specie for sure. In spanish this fish is called a Toro and a small one is called a torito.

Another outstanding catch is the Amberjack. We catch Amberjack on conventional gear but sometimes we can find them to take flies when the situation is right. Loreto has two kinds of Amberjack one is called Madrigal and the other Pez Fuerte by the locals.

Another fun and common jack is the Green jack. This is a scrappy fish for its size and will require a 6WT – 8WT flyrod. Its a great eating fish that the locals call cocinero.

Jack species are available throughout the year.

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